Sunday, October 10, 2010

Koldo under observation

Koldo is finally back in the Basque Country, but he's not 'home' just yet. Right now he's at a hospital in Bilbao where he'll be kept for observation 'til Monday. By then the doctors will also have decided if they're to operate on his broken left collarbone or not. Speaking after being taken from Bourges to Bilbao in an ambulance, that's close to 1000km folks, Koldo was clearly disillusioned with the state he's in. "I'm tired after such a long trip", he said to the team's website. "It's a trip of more than nine hours, so naturally you'll get tired. But they took care of me very well. The truth is that I have no recollection at all of the accident. It enrages me to finish the season like this. The second part of this season was going very well; I was consistent, I'd taken a couple of wins, and so I'm devestated to close the year like in this state. Now all I can do is to recover and prepare for next year".

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