Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ilundain released by Orbea

Orbea all-rounder Mikel Ilundain has been released by the team and is on the look-out for a new one as we speak. The 24-year-old, who notably won the 'Metas Volantes'-competition at this year's Vuelta a Burgos, has spent two years at the team, and understood the decision made by the team heads not to retain him. "It's always been made clear to me that if I wanted to make the jump (going pro with Euskaltel) I would have to perform really well", he told Basque daily GARA. "They didn't want to keep me, and I understand that and I'm grateful towards them. My dream was to ride as a pro and I'm thankful for the opportunity they gave me. I'm pleased as I gave everything I had. When you do that, you have to be content." He also added that he's "knocking on every door" for a chance to further his career.

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