Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Samu stands by Contador

The jury is still out on Contador's positive for clenbuterol at the Tour, but one man who's unwavering in his belief that the three-time Tour victor is clean is compatriot Samu Sánchez. Speaking at a press conference in Cancún, Mexico, where he'll compete in a 110km crit on Saturday, the Olympic champ, ever the diplomat, said: "I trust Contador 100%. I hope the outcome is positive. Aside from being a friend he's also a colleague, and I hope we'll get a quick resolution to all this."


bike master said...

"i hope the outcome is positive..."

perhaps something is lost in the translation to english, or i am missing some otherwise subtle nuance of what is being said-
but to me it sounds as if Samu is wishing for a positive outcome of Contador's tests.

i wish he would speak of this matter even less than Contador. let the process take place and the decisions be made. THEN speak very clearly and in no uncertain terms.


Magnus said...

Sorry, my bad on the translation there. What he's hoping for is a positive outcome FOR Contador, alas being declared innocent.

Agree with you. Ideally he should refrain to comment...


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