Friday, October 01, 2010

Landa strong in Sub23 Worlds

Mikel Landa showed his worth with an inspired performance in the Under-23 road race in Melbourne in the way-too-early morning hours today. The 20-year-old attacked on the steep gradients on the second to last lap, but couldn't really open up a big gap due to the combined efforts of Australia and the USA, both of whom looking for a sprint finish. Though he went all in with his burst of speed there, the lanky climber still had enough forces left to help set up team-mate Lobato for the sprint and grab an impressive 18th himself. Lobato looked a decent bet for a medal with 200 metres to go, but faded slightly to finish 18th. Speaking post-race, the future Euskaltel rider said: "I think we did a good Worlds. It was quite a calm race since the Americans and Australians didn't want anyone to get away. The sent a rider each up the road to force the other countries to work, hence coming into the sprint just as they wanted. I tried to get clear at the climb with just over one loop to go, but they reeled me in. It was impossible to break clear".

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