Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Nieve in Tour '11

Despite his late-season burst of form that saw him take the queen-stage of the Vuelta, finish 12th overall in the same race and finish seventh in Lombardia, hotshot Mikel Nieve is unlikely to be on the start line of the Tour de France in Vendée next year, writes the Diario de Navarra. "In principle we don't want him to do the Tour", head honcho Galdeano told the newspaper. "It makes more sense to aim for more reasonable goals. There are several races with summit finishes (on the calendar) that he can do very well in. By and large he'll do the same calendar as Igor Antón, they'll stay together". This last statement suggests that Igor is likely to once again skip the Tour in favour of the Vuelta. The Tour doesn't seem to be Igor's kind of race, what with it's strenuous and chaotic flat, early stages, so taking a pass on the race and let Samu aim for it once more makes sense to me. I just hope Euskaltel will opt for doing the Giro again after a few year's hiatus. The Giro is tailor-made for Igor with it's crazy uphill finishes and lack of time trials, so a Giro-Vuelta double would be golden I reckon.

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Nick said...

32.8 total km of ITTing in the Giro! If Galdeano turns down this invite I would be so sad.

The course is tailor-made for Anton, and with Nieve has right hand man in the mountains, and Castroviejo setting the tempo in the opening TTT, Euskaltel could be in a very nice position. (As long as they don't grab pink too early, and force themselves to control the race).


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