Sunday, October 03, 2010

Samu DNF as Spain crumble

Samu and Spain did not enjoy the best of Worlds in Geelong today. Well, quite frankly, they were poor. Very poor. How all three of Spain's designated captains, i. e. Freire, Samu and LL Sánchez, managed to miss out on the dangerous-looking break that went clear and distanced the pack with a minute and twenty seconds at one point, is beyond me. That was a shocker. De Santos' men didn't look focused the entire day. Samu for one couldn't be seen on the front of the pack one single time. To me, that's a mystery. He was hanging out at the back all day, except for when he had to assist Ventoso, Erbiti and LL Sánchez in reeling in the front group to make sure Freire had a chance in the sprint. In the process of getting Freire back up they lost their Sánchez wildcards. Samu retired from the race somewhere on the next to last lap I reckon. Only Freire and the ever-impressive Haimar Zubeldia managed to complete the race. Judging by the strength in depth at the Spanish selección, that's just not good enough.


arnout said...

For the 10th time or so the same tactics for Spain, and again it doesn't work. I don't understand why Ventoso had to ride at the front either, he is way quicker than this Freire.

Bolsen3 said...

But the right guy won it!!! ;-)


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