Sunday, May 06, 2012

Durán bags another

Arkaitz Durán soloed to yet another crushing victory yesterday. The former pro, now riding for Azysa, triumphed in the San Gregorio Saria in Berriatua, a race part of the Euskaldun-series.

It was a double triumph for Azysa-Telco'm-Conor, who placed impressive 23-year-old Borja Abásolo on the second step of the podium, with Oriol Escolano taking third for Hostal Latorre. None of the Naturgas Energía riders present managed to infiltrate the top ten, but Mikel Iturria, who's shown encouraging form in his first year with the team, was rewarded for his aggressive racing with the Metas Volantes-prize.

The race also counted as the Championships of Bizkaia, of which Abásolo, in the elite category, and Koplad-Uni2's Ojeda, in the sub-23 ranks, emerged victorious.

Provisional results:

  • 1, Arkaitz Durán (Azysa), 3:29:30
  • 2, Borja Abásolo (Azysa), 0:49
  • 3, Oriol Escolano (Hostal Latorre), s.t.
  • 4, Abdelkader Belmoukhtar (Azysa), s.t.
  • 5, Mario González (Gomur-Cantabria), 0:57
  • 6, Julén Mitxelena (Bidelan-Kirolgi), s.t.
  • 7, Iñigo Ojeda (Koplad-Uni2), s.t.
  • 8, Joseba del Barrio (Bidelan-Kirolgi), s.t.
  • 9, Antton Ibarguren (Caja Rural), s.t.
  • 10, Krysztof Tracz (Azysa), s.t.
Climber: Andrés Sánchez (Lizarte)
Metas Volantes: Mikel Iturria (Naturgas Energía)
Team: Azysa-Telco'm-Conor

Results courtesy of Federación Vasca de Ciclismo. 

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