Friday, May 18, 2012

Status quo in Giro stage 13

There were no major incidents during today's 13th stage of the Giro d'Italia, and all Euskaltel riders got through the stage unscathed.

Stage 13, a short 121km trek from Savona to Cervere, will not go down in the Giro history books as a classic by any means. While the short distance and late race start was no doubt well received by a weary peloton, it was a drag for most onlookers as virtually nothing happened - except for what we all knew would happen, i.e. Keizer getting into a doomed break and Cav taking out the stage in a field sprint.

Euskaltel and Mikel Nieve stayed out of the little trouble there was, and crossed the line safely inside the peloton along with Oroz and Txurruka. How the rest of the team managed to finish more than five minutes down on a day like this is a mystery to me, for all I know someone might have crashed or suffered a mechanical, but it doesn't really matter anyway. A big thumbs up goes out to Iván Velasco who once again fought the pain and got through the stage, his entire left side bandaged. Chapeau!

Stage 13 results:
  • (1, Mark Cavendish (Sky), 3:02:07
  • 58, Mikel Nieve, s.t.
  • 66, Amets Txurruka, s.t.
  • 94, Juan José Oroz, s.t.
  • 168, Miguel Minguez, 5:01
  • 173, Adrián Sáez, s.t.
  • 179, Iván Velasco, s.t.
  • 180, Jon Izagirre, s.t.
  • 181, Pierre Cazaux, s.t.
  • 185, Víctor Cabedo, 5:50


Kristof said...

They suffer really bad, you see almost the whole team at the back of the peleton. I hope Izagirre lost time to attack the next days. Velasco's body looks terrible, indeed chappeau he carries on! Cabedo won't make it till Milan.

Magnus said...

They are suffering. But on the bright side Cabedo was going pretty well on the few climbs in the first week, so hopefully he'll be reinvigorated after the rest-day and get through it.

Stephen said...

Nieve seems to be OK though, hopefully his is going to find some form for the last week, top ten isn't that far away


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