Sunday, May 06, 2012

Landa 4th in Madrid finale

Mikel Landa showed improving form by taking fourth on today's second and finale stage of the Vuelta a Madrid.

Landa was up ahead in the front with eventual winner Sergey Firsanov of RusVelo with only some eight kilometres to go, but was surprisingly forced to let go on the punishing ramps of the Alto de Morcuera. The Euskaltel youngster went on to concede an improbable 2:07 by stage's end, but it was still enough to grab fourth.

On GC, Landa ended up seventh and Pablo Urtasun 14th.

Firsanov took out both the stage and the overall.

Stage results (Orbea riders in cursive):
  • (1, Sergey Firsanov (RusVelo), 4:39:59)
  • 4, Mikel Landa, 2:07
  • 13, Pablo Urtasun, 3:36
  • 19, Ricardo García, 4:42
  • 27, Peio Bilbao, 5:01
  • 40, Omar Fraile, 9:20
  • 42, Rubén Pérez, 10:23
  • 49, Andoni Blázquez, 11:34
  • 51, Aritz Bagües, 11:56
  • 59, Igor Merino, 13:37
  • 61, Mikel Bizkarra, 13:45
  • 68, Alán Pérez, 21:11
  • HD: Xabier Zabalo, Aritz Etxebarria
Final general classification (Orbea riders in cursive):
  • (1, Sergey Firsanov (RusVelo), 4:50:01)
  • 7, Mikel Landa, 2:56
  • 14, Pablo Urtasun, 3:57
  • 22, Ricardo García, 5:11
  • 24, Peio Bilbao, 5:18
  • 38, Omar Fraile, 9:48
  • 43, Rubén Pérez, 11:09
  • 50, Aritz Bagües, 12:45
  • 51, Andoni Blázquez, 13:01
  • 56, Igor Merino, 14:06
  • 59, Mikel Bizkarra, 14:25
  • 71, Alán Pérez, 21:58
Full results here.


Kristof said...

I think Urtasun rides really good. Last year in the TDF I was suprised to see him doing so well and this year he confirms this. I always thought he was a decent sprinter but bad in the mountains. Who seems to have a lot of problems this year is Alan Perez. I think he won't participate in TDF this year if his shape does not get better.

Magnus said...

Urtasun has evolved into a great allrounder, and he's been impressive for sure.

Yeah, I think you're right, A Pérez is struggling. He's still trying to recover completely from his injury earlier this year, but the recovery process is taking quite long... He's got a big job ahead of him if he's to get in shape for the Tour. Not sure at all that he'll make it...


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