Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Estévez strong as Azysa dominate

Imanol Estévez grabbed a strong seventh in yesterday's GP San Antonio - Memorial Fernando Expósito, a race that also counted as the regional Cantabrian Championships. Azysa-Telco'm-Conor did as they pleased and took out all three podium placings.

The Azysa trio of Niki Terpstra's 25-year-old brother Mike, Argentinian powerhouse Ignacio Pérez and Arkaitz Durán, who needs no further introduction, made their move 60 clicks into the race and were never to be seen again. Local rider José Manuel González of Gomur initially went with the three, but was forced to let go on the climb of San Mateo, paving the way for a Azysa to run riot. Terpstra crossed the line ahead of Pérez and Durán to take top honours, a full 2:37 ahead of the nearest competitor. Mario Gómez (CAI) led the pack home in fourth to be crowned elite Cantabrian champ, while number five, Jesús Herrero (Gomur), took the sub23-title.

Estévez took a solid seventh just six seconds behind Gómez, while Javier Francisco Martín came in on the same time to take 26th.

  • 1, Mike Terpstra (Azysa), 3:12:37
  • 2, Ignacio Pérez (Azysa), s.t.
  • 3, Arkaitz Durán (Azysa), s.t.
  • 7, Imanol Estévez, 2:43
  • 26, Francisco Javier Martín, s.t.
  • 37, Mikel Iturria, 2:48
  • 39, Jon Larrinaga, 2:52

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