Monday, June 25, 2012

Team to keep name; no secondary sponsor

President of telephone company Euskaltel, Alberto García Erauzkin, discussed the team's future today at the outfit's presentation ahead of the Tour de France. BiciCiclismo carries an overview of what was said, and below I've tried to summarize the most important points one by one.

There'll be no name change:
Euskaltel Euskadi will stay Euskaltel Euskadi in 2013.

There'll be no secondary sponsor:
No Festina, nothing. "There's no place for a new sponsor", says Erauzkin.

Galdeano will return:
Igor González de Galdeano will take the reins of the team, starting in 2013. "He'll be the general manager and the head of the team".

The budget will increase:
No one knows by how much at this moment in time though. The team will still rely on institutional support.

There will be changes:
But none of great importance, says Erauzkin. "Some parts are working just fine, some need to be modernized - we have to adapt to the UCI's rules".

The team will stay true to it's philosophy, but...:
Galdeano is free to add non-Basques to the team as he sees fit. "We'll keep our philosophy - this team will stay as it is. The team will continue to rely on the Basque amateur scene, but the manager will decide if anything it to be added to the cantera."


Stephen said...

Oh the labyrinth world of Basque cycling....Euskaltel are broke, need to pull out....the team don’t have enough cash to complete the year....then they will continue with a second sponsor...its its second sponsor and now 2013 is OK with a bigger budget....I really feel for the riders (and everyone else connected with the team) as this level of uncertainty must be very difficult to live with...but on a brighter note there will be a team (in 2013 at least) to love and cherish and support which is what we wanted....great news!

Magnus said...

Yeah, it's the same mess every season, isn't it? Surprised to see the Festina rumours being just that, rumours.

Anonymous said...

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