Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Report: Galdeano back - might lead team in Tour

Igor González de Galdeano will return to lead Euskaltel Euskadi and might even lead the team in the upcoming Tour de France, Spanish newspapers write today.

Trustworthy Basque daily Deia carries the story that claims that Igor González de Galdeano will return to the team he led from 2009 up until this season. The former Equipo Euskadi rider (the forerunner to the Euskaltel team we know today) has allegedly been chosen to lead the "new Euskaltel", a team that will be telecommunications company Euskaltel's property and run outside the auspices of the Fundación Euskadi from 2013 and onwards.

Galdeano's return is one of the worst kept secrets in cycling, only a fortnight after he stepped down as Euskaltel manager he hinted at returning, but it will no doubt be welcomed by the current riders and staff; Álvaro's older brother was immensely popular with the riders, especially so with star rider Samuel Sánchez, and was widely seen as the main reason for Euskaltel's upswing in fortunes and results during his tenure.

What's more surprising, though, is that he might return before the turn of the year. According to the same paper, it's "more than possible" that he'll direct the team in the Tour de France in little more than two weeks' time. Gorka Gerrikagoitia, who somewhat unwillingly inherited Galdeano's job (the sporting side of his job anyway), was pencilled in to lead the team, but as it stands now it's quite unclear exactly who will do what on the roads of France.

Galdeano is reported to have already started working on the make-up of the team for next year, but there's no further news on whether or not Euskaltel will be opened up to non-Basques.

What must be pointed out is that Galdeano is yet to sign on any dotted lines. If the reports are to be believed though, it's merely a matter of time.

Further news on the team's future is expected before the end of the week.


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