Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Galdeano-return for Tour de France

Despite earlier reports that it might happen, it now seems Igor González de Galdeano will definitely not lead the team in the upcoming Tour de France.

Gara today reports much of what's been said earlier: that Euskaltel will run the team on its own, increase the budget, look for a secondary sponsor (heavily rumoured to be Festina) and (re)hire Galdeano as the head of the team. The Basque daily confirms he's taken the job, but that he can't return in time for the Grand Boucle as he doesn't have the required license. Additionally, it's said he won't take over the team for the biggest race of the year "out of respect for the current directeurs sportif". 

Further, Gara goes on to say that the team will not be looking to sign non-Basques unless it's needed to keep hold of their place in the WorldTour. The guys at the Euskaltel headquarters will be looking to tie up the team's most reliable performers on new deals to avoid losing them (and the points they've accumulated with them). There's no news on anyone re-upping as of yet - but then again that's unlikely to happen before Euskaltel themselves go official on the team's future. If the team continue in the same vein they've been doing so far this year they might not need to either: Gara says the team has already accrued 79,4% of last year's total. The team is currently ranked 12th in the World with 374 points.

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