Friday, June 01, 2012

"I want to stay, but things are taking too long..."

Those are the words of Samuel Sánchez. As the team's main asset and one of the peloton's stand-out performers, suitors are naturally lining up for him as Euskaltel's future continues to be the subject of conjecture. Talking to Marca, the affable Asturian reiterated his desire to stay on with the only team of his professional career, but also issued a warning.

"Right now I've got a couple of firm offers on the table", he said. "My wish is, as I've always said, to continue with Euskaltel, but things are taking too long. Still we don't know anything. And the offers I've received come with an expiration date."

Back in January it was said that a decision would be taken in May. May has now turned to June and an official word from, well, anyone is still left wanting. It's strongly believed that telephone company Euskaltel will go public with their plans for the outfit some time before the Tour de France kicks off, but Samu says the wait has already had a destabilizing effect on the team.

"It bothers me, but it's a bigger worry for the team. But there's not much I can do about it", he explained.

The 2008 Olympic champ, who was earlier today selected to represent his country in the London Games, refused to set a deadline on when he would have to make a decision, but said that clarification on the team's future would, "desirably", should come before the start of the Grand Boucle. 


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