Sunday, June 24, 2012

Iturria impressive 24 hours after nationals

Mikel Iturria powered his way to fifth place in today's Torneo Lehendakari-race in Tolosa, south of San Sebastián in Gipuzkoa. Bidelan-Kirolgi showed their strength by taking out first, second and third.

Despite four of its riders (Larrinaga, Iturria, Santamaría and Etxeberria) taking part in yesterday's under-23 national champs, Naturgas fielded an able seven-man team for today's 116 kilometres. The former three, along with Baudron, Chetout, Comins and González, took to the start.

A sextet formed at the head of the race, featuring Bidelan trio Txoperena, Insausti, Intziarte, Naturgas' Iturria, newly-crowned sub-23 TT champ Jurado of Seguros Bilbao and Villalobos of Koplad-Uni2. Txoperena and Insausti eventually proved too strong for the others and crossed the line together in that order, while Intziarte made it a day to remember for the local team by taking third ahead of Jurado 40 seconds in arreas. Iturria came in fifth, 1:23 back, showing his form is still strong despite an underwhelming road race yesterday in which he ended up 72nd.

  • 1, Beñat Txoperena (Bidelan-Kirolgi), 2:58:08
  • 2, Jon Ander Insausti (Bidelan-Kirolgi), s.t.
  • 3, Unai Intziarte (Bidelan-Kirolgi), 0:40
  • 4, Marcos Jurado (Seguros Bilbao), s.t.
  • 5, Mikel Iturria (Naturgas Energía), 1:23
  • 6, Ramón Villalobos (Koplad-Uni2), s.t.
  • 7, Mikel Aristi (Debabarrena), 2:54
  • 8, Alex Unzueta (Seguros Bilbao), s.t.
  • 9, Mario Noriega Rodríguez (Koplad-Uni2), s.t.
  • 10, Ibai Salas (Caja Rural), 3:04

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