Friday, June 29, 2012

Pre-Tour Euskaltel guide

I was planning on doing this big preview thing of the Tour de France this year, but time's running short and there's no way I'll be able to find the time to rate the riders, the stages, the team and all that. Instead you'll have to make do with a round-up of what's being written and said by and about the Euskaltel riders in the media. Here's a few interviews, videos, and updates on Euskaltel and other Basque riders taking to the start in Liège on Saturday.

Asked by to name the final podium, Rubén Pérez didn't hesitate in saying team captain Samuel Sánchez would finish top ahead of Evans and Wigging. Rating his own form, he says he's approaching 100 percent after a somewhat troubled early part of the season. Check out a video interview with the ever-aggressive 31-year-old below:

Samuel Sánchez is always a journalist's dream what with his friendly demeanour and broad smile. Watch a short video clip with the 34-year-old just before he got on the plane to Liège:

In an interview with VeloNews, Samu says he's feeling "rested and ready" to mount a challenge for the podium. Read-up on Samu's state of form here.

Another rider who should be ready for what the next three weeks will bring, is former Euskaltel-rider Haimar Zubeldia. The native of Usurbil will embark on his 11th Grand Boucle - to find out how he's gearing up for the biggest race on earth, read his diary at here.

DS Gorka Gerrikagoitia says riders like Gorka Izagirre will be given the chance to hunt for stage wins, and admits he's no fan of the parcours in an interview granted to Gara. Click this link to find out why. Warning: interview's in Spanish!

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