Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gorka's Ordizia win in pics

Professional photographer Iñaki Azanza was kind enough to send over these exclusive images of Gorka Izagirre's triumph in the Prueba Villafranca - Klasika Ordizia on Wednesday. Check out more brilliant photography at Iñaki's webpage here.

Iván Velasco, JJ Oroz and co. kept the breaks in check throughout

Ion and Gorka Izagirre with their father, José Ramon

Izagirre's triumph was the third in his career

Two wins in two starts for Gorka in Ordizia

No shortage of fans of the Izagirre brothers


Kristof said...

Nice job, but no surprise as both Izagirres will win a lot of races in the future. I read Minguez did a good job. What do you think of Minguez? His two Giro's were horrible but in more small races he seems a decent climber...

Magnus said...

I actually think his Giro last year was impressive. Not so much this year, but he's a decent help in the mountains à la Antton Luengo, Aketza Peña etc. He says he's not a climber, but that's obviously where his strengths are.

Kristof said...

Now you mention it, I know Pena was caught but whatever happened to Luengo? Do you know why he stopped? I did like him, was a good climber. No new contract? Was he into Fuentes?


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