Monday, July 09, 2012

"I'm demoralized, desperate"

One might think Amets Txurruka would have gotten used to packing his bags early and head home with his arm in a plaster after three collarbone fractures in six Tour de France starts. In an interview with Noticias de Álava, he says he's everything but.

"It's not normal I break my clavicle so many times", he said. "I'm desperate, demoralized, everything... It sucks to go home early. It cost me a lot to get here, and now I'm heading home without having contributed. I've spent all week waiting for the mountains, and now I won't get the chance to do my work."

Read the full interview with Amets Txurruka here.

1 comment:

Stephen said...

Heartbreaking luck the guy has, you would hardly blame him for packing it in and doing something else.....but that would deprive us of seeing him float up the hils like no other so lets hope that his time is yet to come and that major victory is just around the corner...


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