Sunday, July 15, 2012

Larrinaga second in Beasain

Naturgas Energía are yet to open their victory account this year as Jon Larrinaga went oh so close to winning Sunday's race in Beasain.

Seguros Bilbao's Marcos Jurado made it two wins in consecutive days as he triumphed in the Prueba Loinaz de Beasain. His win in Gipuzkoa comes on the back on yesterday's triumph in Sopelana. Jurado won sole, coming in four seconds ahead of Naturgas's stand-out performer this year. Third was Alberto Gallego of Andalucía.

"The truth is I felt good right from the off", Larrinaga told El Correo. "On one of the last climbs I went with force to so solo and finish second. I'm happy".

Naturgas fielded nine riders in the event: Larrinaga, González, Chetout, Baudron, Iturria, Estévez, Martín, Santamaría and Etxeberría, but only the latter was the only besides Larrinaga able to complete the 148km race. Etxeberría came in 39th.

  • 1, Marcos Jurado (Seguros Bilbao), 3:38:12
  • 2, Jon Larrinaga (Naturgas Energía), 0:04
  • 3, Alberto Gallego (Andalucía), 0:09
  • 4, Unai Intziarte (Bidelan-Kirolgi), s.t.
  • 5, Andres Sánchez (Lizarte), 0:11
  • 39, Victor Etxeberría (Naturgas Energía), 2:01

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