Monday, July 02, 2012

Samu and co. gets through stage 2 unscathed

That's really what it's all about, isn't it, in the first week of the Tour? Staying out of trouble without leaving too big a gap to close in the last two weeks? In that regard, Euskaltel are doing quite well so far.

Stage two from Visé to Tournai was another satisfying day, as Samu was perfectly protected by a swarm of team-mates at every key moment. Pretty much the entire team did their bit in keeping their captain out of the wind and out of trouble, and the riders in orange were prominent near the sharp end of the pack in the last 25 kilometres or so. Every Euskaltel riders, except for a still hurting Gorka Verdugo (187th at 2:10) and Amets Txurruka (165th at 0:20) who probably eased off a bit at the end after doing his part for Samu, finished inside the peloton.

Speaking post-race, Samu praised the work of his companions.

"These first stages are difficult. Each day carries a risk, so we have to stay attentive at all times", he told "The wind was the risk factor today, so it was important to place yourself in the bunch accordingly. My team-mates did a great job. I was very well taken care off throughout, and towards the end I was perfectly placed. Stages like these are very hard for us, but as a team we're working well, and we'll aim to continue in the same manner".

Up tomorrow is an exciting stage into Boulogne-sur-Mer, a day primed for the puncheurs. While it's unlikely to separate the GC candidates all that much, it'll be important to once again be vigilant in order to not cede potentially vital seconds.


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Stephen said...

Good to see the team at the front, last year they did a great job of protecting Samu and they seem to have started off where they left off.


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