Monday, July 16, 2012

Samu Olympic decision imminent

Samuel Sánchez will today conduct his first training session on the road since abandoning the Tour de France. In a day or two, he'll make up hid mind on whether to travel to London or not.

"If I can't stay three hours on the bike, there's no use in going to England", he told Deia. "If my hand doesn't improve, I won't be assured of being able to break normally and thus won't be able to go."

His hand isn't his only worry though. His should is giving him quite a bit of headache as well.

"I'm still doing my best to be able to do the Olympics, but I want to see how my body responds to the tarmac".

If he ends up not going, he'll likely return at the Tour of Great Britain before focussing on the Worlds, the Tour of Beijing and Il Lombardia.


Kristof said...

No Vuelta???

Stephen said...

I can understand his desire to defend his Olymic crown but winning is out of the question IMO. With the rough roads and sharp downhill bends on the course he wil need to be 100% physically to cope. I think this is one to miss and use the time to heal propperly and prepare for the worlds.

Kristof said...

Sure. And if he does not ride The Vuelta, and Nieve also skips, I wonder which guys will deliver the points we need so much after this dramatic Tour. We need a top 10 rider at least if we want to be WT next year. It's good to see (I know it's cruel) Rabobank and VacSoleil also have many problems, these are the big concurrents. In fact Rabo and Eus is each year the same story; such a nice team at the start and after a week they've all crashed. You should believe the orange colour brings no luck:-)

Magnus said...

Haha, yeah, Rabobank and Euskaltel really are two of a kind. They're pinning all their hopes on Antón delivering in the Vuelta, Kristof. Whether that's a good choice remains to be seen, but you get the feeling he'll crash out for sure.

Kristof said...

Seems a dangerous and bad choice to me. Anton can be a great joker, but surely not reliable enough to build a team around, not only high crash factor but last year no good legs anymore... If it comes to GC, only Samu and Nieve have proven to be reliable. Maybe Landa will get his chance.


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