Sunday, October 07, 2012

"I hope to stay here for many years"

It was revealed on Wednesday that former Caja Rural, Kaiku, Fuerteventura and Contentpolis-Ampo directeur sportif Óscar Guerrero will join Euskaltel's coaching staff in time for the 2013 kick-off. Speaking to the media a few days later, the likeable Navarra native seemed as surprised as anyone to be offered a place at his local team after several years out of the game.

"I didn't think they would call me, it was very unexpected", he told Punto Radio. "It was a very motivating phone call and I hope to pay them back for the confidence they've shown in me. After three years off the road, albeit not away from cycling, I return with tremendous illusion."

Guerrero has penned a two-year deal with the team, but would love to make his stay longer than that.

"I hope to do well and remain at this team for many years. This is a bigger project, with more races, including being at three different places at the same time almost all year, with the best riders in the world. (As for the change in philosophy at Euskaltel), Igor had to go for something big. The WorldTour is the only race series with TV coverage. Up until now it's been all Basques, but from now on the majority will be Basques coupled with some riders from outside who bring points. We're bound by the UCI's rules, that's the reality, and we have to follow their way".

Photo: EITB

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