Monday, October 15, 2012

Report: Omar Fraile to sign with Caja Rural

After being denied his chance to move up into the World Tour ranks with Euskaltel next year, BiciCiclismo is now reporting that Orbea rider Omar Fraile will sign with the Professional Continental team Caja Rural, who has also reportedly signed Euskaltel stalwart Amets Txurruka. It is reported that the riders will be formally presented tomorrow.

Fraile was a casualty of the transitioning process by the team, having been scheduled to make the jump to the World Tour for 2013 but came to an agreement with new Euskaltel manager Igor González de Galdeano to stay another year with Orbea so that he could develop further. The transitioning process also came at a time when Euskaltel needs to fill any available roster spot with riders that have UCI points so that they are able to maintain their World Tour status. No comment has been made by Fraile at this time.



Magnus said...

What a travesty - that's the consequences of the the team's change in philosophy right there. Big talents being offloaded to other teams because they lack points. What a waste

Remo said...

I think that this will go down as a terrible mistake by Euskaltel.
He's got talent and in a couple of years he'll "explode" in a real winner. imo of course !

Kristof said...

I think i change Euskaltel for CR.

Nick said...

My guess is IGdG wanted him on another team where he could rack up points in smaller races, then sign him when he has more value.

Stephen said...

If this continues then if we want to support a Basque team it will be Caja as Euskaltel will be full of nonedescript east europeans. Sad.


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