Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Chaoufi - "It is an honor for me to get to this team"

Moroccan Tarik Chaoufi is perhaps the most unknown and untested rider among the new foreign signings by Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano's new Euskaltel squad but he has big plans for next season. The 26 year-old rider knew that his level was rising in 2012, during which he was able to score 6 wins including one against Europcar stars Tommy Voeckler and Anthony Charteau, but gaining a World Tour contract was something that was only in his dreams until Euskaltel came calling. Chaoufi is apart of a growing Moroccan cycling culture that is taking Africa by storm and setting their sights upon Europe.

"I am a rider that handles the mountains well", Chaoufi told BiciCiclismo. "I'm a rider that who has a good top speed", he said when describing himself as a rider, going on to say that while he isn't a rider for a bunch sprint, he likes "to sprint when the race is tough, people are tired and the group is small." Chaoufi is admittedly a rider who likes to attack, where he has been able to gain a majority of his wins, which should gain him acceptance with many Euskaltel fans who love to see the men in orange out in front.

The majority of Chaoufi's experience comes from the UCI Africa Tour, where he was the 2011-12 overall champion, with a small amount of European experience that was mostly gained this season. Despite this, Chaoufi has respect for the ethos of Euskaltel and what he will have to do to prepare for next season. "It is an honor for me to get to this team", he said promising to work hard for the Basque fans. Chaoufi is the first Moroccan to line up professionally and goes on to say that he wants his success to serve as motivation for other Moroccan riders coming up. While Chaoufi is being used by Euskaltel as a stopgap to maintain their World Tour status, he intends to ride in the orange uniform with pride.

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