Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fundación Euskadi loses out on millions

In the wake of the financial crisis still troubling all sectors of the Spanish economy, the County Council of Vizcaya has decided to cut back on its support of the Fundación Ciclista Euskadi.

According to BiciCiclismo, Miguel Madariaga's organisation will lose out on 1,2 million euro in 2013. Athletic Club and Bilbao Basket will also receive considerably less than they have in the past, 2,5 and 1,9 respectively. How this is going to affect the running of the Fundación, if it even will, is not known.

In other Fundación-related news, reports than Iván Cortina has signed a deal with Naturgas Energía for 2014. Cortina, the reigning national champion in the juveniles category, hails from Gijón, and will stay with his current team, Las Mestas, for another year.

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