Thursday, November 15, 2012

Galdeano "sure" fans will stay loyal

Despite a sizeable contingent of the team's followers letting their frustration known at the direction the team is taking, head chief Igor González de Galdeano is not too worried. Having taken some well-deserved time off after finalizing the team's paperwork for the UCI, the ex-pro told Marca he's sure the Pyrenees in July will be just as orange-clad as ever in the coming years.

"I'm sure our supporters will continue to root for us", he said. "After all, this team remains centred on Basque riders, and they're our greatest asset.

"We feel good. We're preparing for the new season - which is just around the corner. We hope and desire to do things well. We've had to do a different job compared to what we're used to, but it seems to be worth it. We've taken the necessary step in modern cycling."

As the head of the team, Galdeano would naturally have been pleased at the news the team came in 15th at the UCI's list - and thus highly likely to receive a WorldTour licence. He's never been one to get carried away, though, and insists they aren't just there yet.

"We've only passed the first filter at this point", he said. "We still have to wait for the Licence Commission's decision; they have the final say. But there shouldn't be any problems", he said.

Finally, he confirmed what's been said earlier, that the team will expand its calendar into new countries and disciplines in 2013, saying "now we've got cyclists to take on races in France and Belgium, and we'll also have a bigger presence in the Classics", adding: "I think we'll do well".

Photo: Deia

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