Thursday, November 01, 2012

"I have to earn the fans' affection"

Alexandre Serebryakov knows it won't be easy. As the first ever Russian at Euskaltel, not to mention one of the first foreign signings made by the team ever, he'll enter completely uncharted territory next season. He's signed a one-year deal, but hopes to prolong that stay further, and aims to do so by convincing right from the off - both on and off the bike.

"Of course I know of Euskaltel's philosophy, and it's my duty to respect it", he told Cobbles & Hills. "It'll be important to integrate as quickly as possible, and I also believe it's our obligation to try to win as many races as possible for the squad. That will be the best way for me to pay them back for trusting me.

"I'm aware, though, that I'll have to earn the affection of the Basque fans and also that of my sport directors. And this is only possible through results and hard and professional work. I want to convince everybody that this first contract with Euskaltel is the first step in a long relationship".

With nine triumphs to his name this calendar year, the 25-year-old is the most-winning neo-pro of 2012. None of those wins have come in Europe, though, as his previous team Team Type 1 has mainly sent him to Asian and North-American races. As such, it's no surprise to learn what his main goal in 2013 will be.

"My big challenge is to get my first win in Europe", he said. "I don't feel any external pressure to get results, though, as I'm always the first one to ask for more of myself. As a neo-pro, it's not very easy to get results in Europe - you lack the experience, the ability to position yourself, the knowledge of the races... This first year of experience and competition with professionals will do me good with a view to adapting quickly to the European calendar in 2013, though. I never imagined I would be able to raise my arms in celebration so often - I have to admit I'm surprised. I'm convinced that with hard work and good planning I'll repeat the successes I achieved in Asia and in America in Europe next year."

While Serebryakov didn't elaborate on his racing schedule, he did say he'll "start the season a bit later than the rest", seeing as he'll continue to compete up until mid-November. He'll today, Thursday, embark on the eight-day Tour of Taihu Lake in China - giving him plenty of chances to add even more victories to his rapidly-growing palmarès.



Colin ulster said...

I hope he does well for the team

Anonymous said...

I cannot help thinking that the new "philosophy" is actuallly quite nice in a way: just like when I was a Formula One fan I "wanted" to drive for Ferrari (or, to put it in another way, to drive one of the Maranello red cars was the most romantic daydream), as a fan of road cycling I've "always wanted" to ride for Euskaltel - but since I'm not Basque, it was an impossible dream until now!

Besides, Euskaltel is still the most Basque team in the peloton and we can look forward to both the foreigners and the Basques to do well in orange next season - and the successes of the Basque riders will perhaps be "more Basque" than ever!

Magnus said...

Good to hear some positive voices!

Anonymous said...

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