Friday, November 23, 2012

Koplad-Uni2 changes name; finalizes roster

Basque sub-23 outfit Koplad-Uni2 will undergo a name change in time for the 2013 season, and today revealed their roster for the upcoming campaign.

The team will from now on wear the name of the place their based out of, namely Sopelana, a small village just north of Bilbao, Vizcaya. Out goes Koplad, and the team will thus be known as Sopelana-Uni2, according to BiciCiclismo. The team will lose DS David Etxebarria to Cafés Baqué, as previously reported, but will count on a big 21-man line-up.

Only five will stay on from this year: Alejandro Trapote, Ander Ruiz de Larrea, Dennis Alvarez, Xavier Rementeria and Aritz Sasiain. As such, 16 riders will join the team, and these are:
  • Aitor Agirre (Zirauna)
  • Ander Agirrebeitia (Aosa)
  • Alfonso Bea (CAI)
  • David Civera (Cerámicas Onda)
  • David Cotillas (Electro-Alavesa)
  • Asier Jiménez (Aosa)
  • Aritz Llaguno (Vicinay)
  • Tauvai Marie-Bornand (Team Peltrax-CS)
  • Touiti Marie-Bornand (Team Peltrax-CS)
  • Juan José Martínez (Cerámicas Onda)
  • Javier Ochoa (Cafés Gometero)
  • Óscar Pelegrí (Cerámicas Onda)
  • Jon Quintanilla (Cafés Baqué)
  • Aritz Sulibarria (Umpro)
  • Iker Ruiz de Loizaga (Electro-Alavesa)
  • Galder Zurimendi (Aosa)
Emilio Ramos, José Luis Laka and Miguel Sánchez will act as sports directors.


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