Saturday, July 06, 2013

Aitor González springs to life in Murgia

Lizarte's Aitor González opened his win account for the year by soloing to glory in a Torneo Euskaldun-race in Murgia, Álava, on Saturday.

The former Euskadi sub-23 road race champion joined the pink team in the off-season, but has so far struggled to replicate the kind of form that led him to second overall in the Torneo Lehendakari standings last year.

Today he got his win, though, besting Telco'm's José Manuel Gutiérrez and team-mate Higinio Fernández on the final climb.

Naturgas Energía's Cantabrian import, Álvaro Truebe, came through for fourth ahead of 'cross specialist Egoitz Murgoitio.


  • 1, Aitor González (Lizarte) 2:45:08
  • 2, José Manuel Gutiérrez (Telco'm), 0:10
  • 3, Higinio Fernández (Lizarte), 0:18
  • 4, Álvaro Trueba (Naturgas), 0:27
  • 5, Egoitz Murgoitio (Hirumet Taldea), 0:43
  • 6, Júlen Mitxelena (Gipuzkoa - Eki Sport), 0:46
  • 7, Eddy Valdespino (Opel Ibaigane), 0:54
  • 8, Joseba Del Barrio (Gipuzkoa - Eki Sport), 1:01
  • 9, Óscar González (Naturgas), s.t.
  • 10, Javier Ruiz de Larrinaga (Lizarte) s.t.

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