Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Team Euskadi hoping to upset the big-shots in Getxo

Following a successful Clásica de Ordizia that saw the team come away with the 'intermediate sprints'-classification, Team Euskadi will again line up among some of the WorldTour's finest on Wednesday.

As is the case with Euskaltel of course, the Circuito de Getxo is right in Euskadi's backyard.

"We'll try to infiltrate the breaks and win one of the minor classification", DS Aritz Arberas tells the team's website. "We've got a chance in the finale in the shape of Carlos Barbero, so we'll try to play our cards to the max".

Joining the native of Burgos will be Haritz Orbe (fresh off grabbing the mountains jersey in the Kreiz Breizh Elites), Illart Zuazubiskar (who recently finished 13th overall in the same race), Aritz Bagües, Igor Merino, Jon Larrinaga, Mikel Aristi and Mikel Bizkarra.

Unai Iparraguirre crashed while racing in France, making it touch and go whether he'll be on the start line or not. As for Mikel Iturria, the youngster will be forced to sit this one out as he's struggling to recover from injury setbacks. The Gipuzkoan has been off the bike for 10 days and counting, casting his Tour de l'Avenir participation into doubt.

Photo: Orbea


Holden Caulfield said...

This is just a follow-up to the many nice things that some readers told about this website and the work done by Magnus. Here, from the Basque Country, I have to agree with all you and just add that this website is probably the best website on basque cycling today.
These are sad days, even today I read how Matxin, who never had anything to do with the team, was saying so in his website. Somebody was looking back and telling about the good memories that this team gave us. I can even go further. I won't ever forget the day that Agustín Sagasti, rest in peace, came first in Loyala, during the Itzulia in 1994, all worn-out, unable to even raise his arm, but so happy. I still have this piece of paper where I used to take note of all the victories. Those first victories in Portugal by Asier Guenetxea or when my neighbor Juan Tomás Martínez was so close to win in Los Lagos. So many memories. I remember being in Sopelana, and leaving my friends on the beach, to go up the hill and watch how Roberto Laiseka gave the team the first win in the Tour. All the bar jumping, hugging strangers and celebrating all together.
Miguel Madariaga was on TV a couple days ago saying that even Euskadi has a dark future. The Basque Goverment won't give any money. The crisis is hitting hard here. Many years ago I was on one of the most important Basque newspaper's front cover. You could see me and some friends painting the name of Laiseka in Luz Ardiden. I won't forget that. And I hope I'll be back there again. But it won't be the same again.
Anyway, I'm losing the thread. Just wanted to say, as others did, thanks to Magnus for his great job all these years.

Stephen said...

Very nicely put Holden, this site is one of the first I check every morning, I hope Magnus will keep it going in some form but without the focus of a pro tour team it won't be the same.


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