Sunday, July 28, 2013

Euskaltel riders get green light to look for new teams

Ahead of yesterday's Clásica de San Sebastián, the riders were told they're free to look for a new employer.

The lack of funding from the public institutions in the Basque Country is likely to put an end to the team after the current season. To secure the riders' futures, they've been given permission to start talks with other teams, reports Deia. The official "transfer market" opens on Thursday August the 1st.

Mikel Nieve is, according to some sources, close to agreeing a deal with Alberto Contador and co. over at Saxo-Tinkoff, while others claim he's on Movistar's radar. Also Ion Izagirre and Mikel Landa are reportedly on Eusebio Unzué's wish list.

Star duo Igor Antón and Samuel Sánchez, though, are said to have given their word to team boss Igor González de Galdeano to wait for as long as possible before signing for a rival team.


Franck said...

It is the end of a beautiful story.

racejunkie said...

Crushed. Even if the squad does truly end--Magnus, I thank you for all you've done so far to highlight this beautiful team and the incredible talent from the region!

Josh Buehner said...

It's hard to put in the correct words right now, I feel a little emotional.

But some thoughts I need to get off my chest:

It is the end of a beautiful and proud story. A story which I hope (and expect) to carry on in some capacity in the future, but the era of the Carrots is certainly over.

On my ride today I reminisced over some great memories: Igor's storming of Bilbao in la Vuelta, Nieve's epic Giro win on Gardeccia, Haimar and Iban's audacious exploits in the Tour, and our rock-Samu and all he's done.

When i started riding a bicycle, I fell in love with this Orange team from the Basque Country. And thanks to Magnus' diligence and excellent reporting, I learned much more. A thank you isn't enough Magnus, your work has been invaluable and comforting.

Stand-up behavior from Igor & Samu. Would we expect anything else from these guys? You can tell it meant the world for them to ride for the home team and for Samu to repay his gratitude to MM, la Fundacion, and Euskadi.

Seriously, enough can be said about Samu. Our rock for the greater part of a decade. The most generously loyal rider of his generation. Pro cycling is about the most financially cut-throat pro sport out there, and for him to stay with the team for his entire career? Amazing. He probably sacrificed greater achievements in his career (certainly financially) in staying with this team thru some rough patches. To see him next year in different colours will be crushing-probably to him as well.

The sad thing of it all is that it's avoidable. There are Euros in the Basque Country to fund this team. It's an indictment of this fucked up financial state of Pro cycling. Team Sky has a 25million Euro Budget (not including doctors/pharmaceutical fees ;)). And Oleg Jack-off thinks he's going to take his millions and create a new all-russian pro team? Unreal. Stupid. Insulting to history. How broken does the system need to get?

So, let's hope against all hope Igor can pull something out of his ass here soon. Maybe a merger? Heck, Samu & Nieve would be going to Saxobank anyway.

I'm mad as hell right now. Emotional, but damned proud of EE. Take us out with a fucking bang in la Vuelta, Samu. Make us proud. i know you will.


Remo said...

Devasted. No other words to describe my feelings. World, not just sport, is falling apart. Money rules as never before and that means that sentiments are gone forever. I loved EUSKALTEL EUSKADI, there had been a large part of my life. I had my family, my friends, my job and my love for Samu and this team. I'm so sad...

Magnus said...

Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated!


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