Thursday, July 25, 2013

Euskaltel active but off-colour in Ordizia

Gorka Izagirre was not in the mix to land his third Clásica de Ordizia on Thursday.

The victory went to Eritrean Daniel Teklehaimanot, who proved the strongest and most savvy of the eight riders that broke clear late on. Gorka Verdugo was a part of that select group, but could only muster seventh in the end.

Before that, both Romain Sicard and Ricardo García had been active off the front - not to mention Team Euskadi's ever improving batch of youngsters. Unai Iparraguirre came away with the intermediate sprint classification, while the likes of Haritz Orbe, Mikel Bizkarra, Igor Merino and Illart Zuazubiskar were all, at one time or another, off the front.

Euskaltel duo Pablo Urtasun and Mikel Landa both crashed, but both are reported to be fine.

  • (1, Daniel Teklehaimanot (Orica-GreenEdge), 3:55:18)
  • 7, Gorka Verdugo, 0:08
  • 12, Haritz Orbe, 0:53
  • 29, Aritz Bagües, 2:25
  • 34, Egoi Martínez, s.t.
  • 35, Jorge Azanza, s.t.
  • 36, Mikel Bizkarra, s.t.
  • 37, Gorka Izagirre, s.t.
  • 41, Igor Merino, 3:52
  • 56, Mikel Landa, 9:12
  • 62, Unai Iparraguirre, 9:56
  • 64, Illart Zuazubiskar, s.t.
  • 66, Carlos Barbero, 10:09
  • 67, Ricardo García, 16:08
  • 69, Mikel Aristi, 17:22
  • DNF: Peio Bilbao, Mikel Nieve, Jon Aberasturi and Jorge Azanza


Anonymous said...

If Euskaltel dissapear at the end of this year, it'll be not a big loose, they are so bad this season...

Sincerely, i don't see the team get a victory until the end of the season. The team is really shit on Time Trial.

Samuel sanchez started to be really old, and i dont think it will make top 5 on the vuelta. Anton is over... Nieve at least for a stage victory not more. Sicard will be a correct team mate nothing more. Same for Izagirre.

I prefer them to join better team to mabey get better results. I will only miss the orange jersey.

Michael said...

This comment is superfluous!
It sounds like the rat is leaving the sinkung ship!
It IS a BIG loose, if Euskaltel-Euskadi will not be present in the future! Basta!
There will be more sadly missed than only the orange jersey!


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