Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Astarloza - Good results can help sponsor search

For every passing day without news of a sponsor coming on board, Euskaltel's future is looking dimmer.

No interested parties visited the team during the recent Tour de France, prompting team head Igor González de Galdeano to state "this is the last time the jersey of Euskaltel will be seen in the Tour". Like his team-mates on the start line of the Clásica de San Sebastián, Mikel Astarloza was told he's now free to sign for another team.

The veteran is hoping to be on the start line of the Vuelta a España as well, aiming to show potential sponsors just why the team is worth backing.

"We can try to get good results on the road so as to put pressure on companies, though I do think the future of this team will be decided upon in the offices", he tells BiciCiclismo. "We've been allowed to look around for new teams, but it's a big thing for the Basques to ride for this particular one."

The former Ag2r rider figures on the long list for the third and final Grand Tour of the year, but admits that he "doesn't know anything"about who'll be picked and who won't.

Photo: BCPT

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