Friday, June 06, 2008

Amets looking forward to Euskal

The Euskal Bizikleta has always been Amets' favourite race. Ever since he was a little boy he's been watching the race from the roadside, as the race always passes his home in Extebarria. DEIA caught up with him to discuss this year's race, and here's Amets' take on it: "Every cyclist has a favourite race, a race that motivates more than others for one reason or another. For me that race is the Euskal Bizikleta. It's the only race in Euskadi that's always, without exceptions, passed my home in Etxebarria." Amets will start the race for a third time today, and here's his thoughts on each stage: "The first stage will be an important indicator of how the race will develop. No one is going to win the race on the Sollube (a cat.1 climb located 12 kilometres from the end), but many riders will lose their chance of overall glory. I think it'll be a chaotic and uncontrolable stage, as it's difficult for a team to take control of the race in the first stage. The inclines of Sollube will make the selection between the favourites, but I wouldn't be surprised if a break goes all the way either. The second stage is a strange one. The beginning of the stage is really hard, with the ascents of Opakua and Azazeta coming right away, but then it levels out for the remainder of the stage. We did the stage the other day in training, and I think it's a stage for a break. Nevertheless, there will be teams eyeing a sprint, like us for example, where our man will be Koldo. We will have to take control of the stage. The last stage is a presitigous one. The last stage to Arrate is a stage all Basques would love to have on their palmarès, and I'm no exception. Somebody will have to control the race so that a break doesn't get too far up the road. It's obvious that this stage will be decisive for the GC considering there's no TT in this year's race. A good climber will win this year's edition, as the last five kilometres, on the way to the top of the Arrate, is really tough."

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