Monday, June 30, 2008

No GC aspirations for Samu

Samu will focus solely on stages, not the general classification, at the upcoming Tour de France. Speaking to VeloNews a few days ago, Samu outlined his objectives. Here's what he had to say: "More than anything, I am going to try to win a stage for the team. The last time we won a stage was with Ibán Mayo on the Alpe d’Huez (in 2003), and the team’s been close since then, but hasn’t been able to close the deal. So, above all, I’d love to win one for the team. I’ve done well in the Vuelta, but the Tour is something else. You need that extra touch of experience to do well in the Tour (on GC). I am going into the race more tranquilo in terms of the GC. That’s not my first obsession in this Tour." He also went on to say that he'll skip the Vuelta and the Worlds this year. Click to read the full article (in English for once). A recomended read.

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