Thursday, June 19, 2008

Teamwork keeps Igor in lead

It was another day of hard work for the entire team. Today's 5th stage was a hilly affair, something which didn't exactly make it easier. A group of 14, among them some strong riders, got away early, and Euskaltel had to take on the responsability of keeping the gap at a minimum. They did so to great effect, making sure the break never got too big a gap. But the flipside was that, come the final climb, they were all worn out and far back, leaving Igor totally isolated. Igor did well though, but was lucky to hang onto his overall lead as Schleck crashed in the last kilometres. If he hadn't crashed, he would surely have taken the overall lead. But that's the way cycling is sometimes, and you won't see me complaining all that much! Igor eventually came in 15th, along all the favourites, while the rest of the guys ended up far back. Gorka ended up 10 minutes back, Iñigo and Jorge 13:30, Aitor and Dioni 18:42, while Andoni ended up dead last 36 minutes in arrears. Sadly Koldo decided to call it quits.


Laiseka said...

Not the best day for Euskaltel. I Think that they had to have someone in the break. But they didn't get it and they were working for all the day long and in the last port there was nobody for helping Anton.

Today, I would like to see Verdugo helping Anton in the first curves of the last port. I think it's necesary for preserving the leadership.

arnout said...

Ouch that crash. I was really, really shocked when I saw Schleck falling, I thought he was dead or something.

Watch it: Click on "De val van Schleck" right to the picture of Fothen.

I am also huge fan of the Schlecks I have to admit. I love their attacking mind and I like the fact that they are very close brothers, also in race.


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