Thursday, June 26, 2008

Iban speaks

He's alive after all. For the first time in months Iban has given an interview. Speaking to the other day, he spoke of his whole situation. Read on for a transcript of the interview in which he lashes out at Saunier Duval and reveals he could have been racing all year. Here we go:

  • You know when CAS will come to a conclusion? In July, at least that's what I think. I thought they would decide in May, but then they just announced that they would decide in July. I though this whole process would go faster. I just have to be patient.
  • You've already spent a year, or at least close to a year, without racing. Has it been tough? It's been a rollercoaster ride. It's been hard, especially when you see all the irregularities in the whole process. What angers me more, though, is that the team haven't allowed me to race. The Spanish Federation did not sanction me, they cleared me, so I've been free to race since the Challenge Mallorca (in February). I could have raced while my case was being heard. I know that I couldn't have participated in the Pro Tour races, but the team's lack of confidence in me has really hurt.
  • Anyway, you think of riding again? I would like to return to competition to get this weight off my shoulders. And I would also like to decide myself when to put an end to my career. I don't want to quit this way. I'm aware of the fact that it's complicated though. I don't know what my team intend to do if CAS' decision is in my favour. What I don know though, is that I've got a year left on my contract with Saunier Duval. My contract will be automatically renewed for another year (2009), as they haven't summoned to me in three months. But I don't want to force a situation either. The most important thing nonetheless is to get cleared.
  • You stay in shape? I train every day, so one could say that I live the life of a professional. It's hard when you're not competing, and I've often asked myself why I'm doing this. At least I haven't been lonely, people still support me.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how they're getting away with this. They seem to have no problem playing with a mans life at all. It makes me furious.



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