Sunday, June 08, 2008

Koldo lauds teamwork

Koldo was a happy man after crossing the finishline in Agurain first today. Unlike a host of other sprinters though, he's not getting big-headed as his palmarès grows. After the stage he praised the work the team did for him: "They (his fellow Euskaltel riders) were all phenomenal. Andoni Lafuente and Aitor Hernández started leading the bunch almost from the off, and Jorge soon joined them to up the tempo. On the ascents we used Amets, while Egoi stayed close to me all day... It was great teamwork, and to get the win was our just reward." He also spoke of the win's meaning to him: "It's been great to win so close to home with my family and friends watching from the fences. I've raced on these roads a thousand times in training and in the junior categories, so to win as a pro with Euskaltel right here is very special to me". 'Nuff said.

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