Monday, March 28, 2011

Aberasturi 3rd overall in Portugal

Orbea sprinter Jon Aberasturi didn't succeed in holding on to his overall lead on the third and final stage of the GP Crédito Agricola in Portugal yesterday, and instead had to settle for third. Eventual overall winner Filipe Cardoso took out the win and some bonus points underway, meaning Aberasturi's otherwise solid ninth place on the last day didn't suffice. He'll no doubt be pleased anyway though, as a third overall in such a big race was way more than he'd probably have hoped for prior to the event. He also won the 'Best young rider'-category, so mission accomplished for him. Sáez, Martín, Urain and Zabalo all finished on the same time as the winner, while Bagües, Bizkarra and Etxebarria ended up no more than a few minutes adrift to cap off a good day out for the team. For some reason Xabier Zabalo doesn't seem figure on the final overall rankings. He did finish the last stage though, so it's probably just an administrative error. Final GC:

  • 3, Jon Aberasturi
  • 23, Adrián Sáez
  • 40, Noel Martín
  • 52, Beñat Urain
  • 95, Aritz Etxebarria
  • 102, Aritz Bagües
  • 105, Mikel Bizkarra

The team finished ninth as a team, while Aberasturi was fifth in the points classification and Sáez fifth in the climbers' competition.

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