Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Paris-Nice stage 4

Another day at Paris-Nice has passed without Euskaltel really putting their mark on it. The hilly fourth stage would have suited several of the riders one would assume, but none of the riders managed to get into the break of the day and thus missed out on the chance of a stage-victory. To his credit, Pierre Cazaux gave it a good go early on, but picked the wrong move. Samu had a scare when he hit the deck on a descent 70 kilometres in, but luckily came through unscathed. Except for that there's not much to tell, it all went by with Euskaltel not really present. Gladly, all but two of the riders, i.e. Pierre Cazaux and Jorge Azanza, came home with the peloton. The duo crossed the line in a big group some 13 minutes back. Tomorrow's stage, with it's descent off the cat. 1 Col de la Mûre coming just 8 clicks from the line, should suit Samu to perfection, so watch out for him then.

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