Monday, March 28, 2011

Naturgas weekend results

Naturgas didn't get the win they perhaps were looking for this weekend in either Laukiz nor Bergara. In Laukiz on Saturday, a 100km Torneo Lehendakari race, no one had an answer to the all-conquering Caja Rural outfit. Not only did Domagalski win the race for the team, they even went on to occupy second, third and fourth through Garcia, Moyano and Van Geffen respectively. Guinea and Barbero both showed a quick turn of speed to finish 6th and 7th, while Larrinaga was 21st, González 67th, Grijalba 73rd, Á Bilbao 85th and Legarra 94th.

In Bergara the next day, Igor Merino showed his climbing prowess by taking 6th atop the Gorla. Highly-fancied Grijalba, at least by me, decided he didn't want to wait around 'till the end before making his move and joined the break of the day early on. Whilst not the badest of ideas, his day-long exploits took its toll towards the end as he went on to claim 12th. The youngster held a slender 20-second lead right at the foot of the climb, but eventually went on to finish 1:16 back on impressive all-rounder Omar Fraile. Results:

  • 6, Igor Merino, 0:22
  • 12, Fernando Grijalba, 1:16
  • 17, Jon Larrinaga, 1:40
  • 23, Alberto Guinea, s.t.
  • 33, Eduardo Ardaiz, 6:11
  • 35, Damíen García, 7:39
  • 60, Loic Chetôut, 11:07
  • 70, Carlos Barbero, s.t.
  • 87, Urtzi Legarra, 14:22

The team claimed third in the team rankings.

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