Friday, March 04, 2011

Reds ready for busy weekend

As usual, Naturgas Energía have two races coming up this weekend. First up is the hilly GP de Ereño this Saturday, followed by the GP Llodio the day after. Arberas will lead a team of nine for the first race, consisting of Damien Garcia, Loic Chetout, Karl Baudron, Fernando Grijalba, Efrén Carazo, Alberto Guinea, Carlos Barbero, Alain González and Eduardo Ardaiz, while on Sunday, the aforementioned Baudron, Garcia, Chetout, Grijalba, Barbero, Carazo, González, and Álex Bilbao, Urtzi Legarra, Jon Larrinaga and Igor Merino, will take to the start. Race results to come Sunday/Monday.

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