Sunday, March 06, 2011

Murcia concludes

The Vuelta a Murcia came to a close today with a concluding 12,4km long ITT in and around Murcia. Euskaltel were, just like they were the two previous days, nowhere close to recording a result of note. Jon Izagirre was the top finisher in 37th, 1:03 down, so at least the young Izagirre can be relatively pleased with his ride. Minguez did okay to finish 52nd at 1:14, while Rubén Pérez finished in 54th, a further second back. Alan Pérez was 71st at 1:31, Igor Antón a distant 77th at a big 1:35, and Nieve was 80th at 1:37. These results led to the following GC:

  • 23rd, Miguel Minguez
  • 49th, Mikel Nieve
  • 53rd, Igor Antón
  • 104th, Jon Izagirre
  • 105th, Rubén Pérez
  • 108th, Alan Pérez

Obviously not the results you would hope for, but it's still early days. A first win of the season would no doubt lift the pressure on the team, though.

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