Saturday, March 12, 2011

Going solo

Daniel Sesma enjoyed a great day out in the Tirreno-Adratico yesterday, spending in excess of 160 kilometres alone out in front. The aggressive all-rounder jumped clear just two kilometres in, and stayed ahead of the bunch for several hours before being caught with some 30 clicks to ride on the stage from Terranova and Corsa Vannucci. A heroic ride by the native of Arre, Navarra, but it was always doomed. Once he was caught, Amets Txurruka attacked, but he was quickly reeled in. Then Castroviejo took up the mantle and went clear with Cherel and Oss, but it just wasn't meant to be for Euskaltel yesterday. But they still put on a good show and no doubt made their DS' proud, hoepfully they'll keep that up throughout the race. Aramendía successfully defended his lead in the mountains classification, and so will get to wear the green jersey today as well. Everyone but Sesma stayed with the pack, the escape artist conceding 11:26 by day's end.

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