Sunday, August 12, 2012

Minguez shows form on Kapelmuur

Miguel Minguez ensured Euskaltel bowed out of the ENECO Tour with some degree of dignity after a lacklustre week of racing.

The final stage to Geraardsbergen was never going to be Euskaltel's cup of tea what with Ion Izagirre struggling and the majority of the team's punchy riders at home gearing up for the Clásica San Sebastián on Tuesday. Minguez made sure the team was somewhat represented near the front of the pack in the closing 20 clicks though en route to 26th place ahead of guys like Devenyns, Haussler, Boonen and Rojas. Jorge Azanza wasn't far back in 41st, while the youngest of the Izagirres came across in 59th place, 1:48 in arrears.

On GC, Azanza's 70th was as good as it got. For many of the riders in action at ENECO, next up is the Vattenfall Cyclassics next weekend, one day after the Vuelta kicks off in Pamplona.

Stage seven results:
  • (1, Alessandro Ballan (BMC), 4:54:16)
  • 26, Miguel Minguez, 0:34
  • 41, Jorge Azanza, 0:46
  • 59, Ion Izagirre, 1:48
  • 85, Pierre Cazaux, 7:43
  • 87, Alan Pérez, 10:29
  • 101, Adrián Sáez, 14:41
  • 103, Pablo Urtasun, 17:05
  • 104, Víctor Cabedo, s.t.
Final general classification:
  • (1, Lars Boom (Rabobank), 24:51:13)
  • 70, Jorge Azanza, 8:01
  • 79, Miguel Minguez, 11:40
  • 86, Alan Pérez, 13:48
  • 88, Ion Izagirre, 14:29
  • 89, Pierre Cazaux, 14:37
  • 95, Víctor Cabedo, 20:42
  • 103, Pablo Urtasun, 43:43
  • 104, Adrián Sáez, 45:24


Kristof said...

This really surprises me. Nice job done by Minguez. Somehow I think he has talent, unfortunately his Giro was really bad this year.

Magnus said...

Not a good Giro for sure, but, yeah, there is some talent there. Way too one-dimensional though - he suffers on everything else than climbs.


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