Friday, August 24, 2012

Samu's season in jeopardy

The injuries Samuel Sánchez sustained in yesterday's third stage of the Tour de Poitou-Charentes might turn out to be more serious than first anticipated.

It was at first reported he only suffered a sprain to the acromioclavicular joint, but judging by the rider's own statements in today's El Correo, it might be worse than that.

"It hurts just like it did when I crashed in the Tour. Something must be broken", he said. "This is not good. It all happened so quickly. Popovych wasn't paying attention and caused the crash. I didn't try to stop the fall with my right hand (which he broke in the Tour) and hit the deck on my back."

Prior to this season, the Euskaltel captain had never broken a single bone in his professional career as a bike rider. Hitting the deck yesterday for the fourth time this year alone naturally marks the 2012 season as one to forget for the rider who recently prolonged his Euskaltel career.

"Of course this year is the worst in terms of injuries", he said. "I've crashed four times, and three times in France. In addition, I crashed with the same back number I did in the Tour, number 31."

Hopefully Samu won't get superstitious over the whole thing, but he now runs the risk of having to put an end to the current season. If a fracture is indeed diagnosed, his season is over. If there's no broken bones, he should be in line to make the Worlds and the late-year classics.


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