Thursday, August 16, 2012


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racejunkie said...

Thanks again Magnus for your great blog, whatever its name, and all your info and insight on Basque cycling. So for old times' sake, can you tell us what's going on now with Iban?

Magnus said...

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Well that's as ever a good and legit question. Truth is I have no clue. And I don't think anyone has to be honest. Gladly, he hasn't been in the press for the wrong reasons for a long time now (remember that incident on a bar in Bilbao a while ago), but he doesn't seem to be in the press for any reasons nowadays. Journos who should be close to him have no idea what he's up to.

I think he's still living in Durango, probably staying as far away from cycling as he possibly can I reckon. It's sad, isn't it, how the greats of yesteryear can suddenly just disappear and be forgotten just like that.

Kristof said...

Yes it's a real sad story. Iban and Zubeldia were my first Euskaltel heroes. He was such a great talent. I look back with mixed feelings to it, that famous TDF 2003. It was beautiful, but I think they went really far with experiments and Jesus Losa could be called the Dr. Ferrari of the nineties. In my opinion, he has destroyed some riders, especially Mayo and Landaluze. I often look at Youtube to the images of TDF 2003. Seeing Mayo and Zubeldia riding like that, it gives me shivers. The big difference between Haimar and Iban is the mental front (I guess). After some years Haimar became a decent rider again, but surely not at 2003 level which is normal. I do believe Haimar is riding clean since 2004 and I have big respect for what he achieved this year. Iban is different, easily mentally hurt, and riding clean knowing most concurrents still didn't, it must have broke him. I've always thought that, if the case Millar/Losa hadn't come out before TDF 2004, Iban might as well have won the TDF that year. The arrest of Losa and TDF 2004 was a very painful moment. So he went to Saunier, which was the fatal mistake. SD probably is the craziest team ever without any rules. I remember a guy named Koldo Gil almost flying over the mountains in Tour De Suisse, that was really sick. Iban should have stayed to the Orange team, trying to do the same as Zubeldia. But I'm afraid Mayo is more a type as Pantani/Ricco/FVDB. Big champions, but not satisfied with a second place. I always hoped he could come back one day. Imagine, Haimar and Iban in Orange shirt TDF 2013, ten years later...

Magnus said...

Saunier Duval really was crazy. I remember the Giro starring Simoni, Piepoli, Ricco, Mayo... Ridiculous line-up. Add Koldo Gil and you've got one hell of a climbing team.

Agree with you on the mental aspect. Was always afraid of what would happen to Mayo once he got caught!

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