Sunday, August 26, 2012

Orbea conclude positive Volta a Portugal

Orbea closed out a solid Volta a Portugal with a low-key ride on Sunday's tenth and final stage.

The closing stage from Sintra to Lisboa was taken out by the ever-impressive Reinhardt Janse van Rensburg, the MTN Qhubeka finishing the race like he started it, by triumphing. He bested United Healthcare's speedy once-promising Boy van Poppel and Carmim-Prio's veteran Samuel Caldeira.

Jon Aberasturi tried his hand in the sprint, but, as has been the case pretty much all year, couldn't quite get up to speed and had to settle for 12th. Mikel Bizkarra was active early on and grabbed a few points on the only categorized climb of the day, but never got away and rolled in mid-pack along with the majority of his team-mates.

Omar Fraile had no trouble hanging on to his creditable 16th overall, a noteworthy result against more senior rivals over ten days. David Blanco of home team Efapel grabbed his fifth (!) overall win.

Stage 10 results:
  • (1, Reinhardt Janse van Rensburg (MTN Qhubeka), 3:56:45)
  • 12, Jon Aberasturi, s.t.
  • 42, Omar Fraile, s.t.
  • 69, Carlos Barbero, 0:43
  • 70, Aritz Bagües, s.t.
  • 74, Mikel Bizkarra, 0:50
  • 96, Xabier Zabalo, 4:25
  • 116, Illart Zuazubiskar, 9:30
  • 117, Igor Merino, s.t.
  • 120, Aritz Etxebarria, 12:03
Final general classification:
  • (1, David Blanco (Efapel-Glassdrive), 41:30:06)
  • 16, Omar Fraile, 6:16
  • 32, Mikel Bizkarra, 16:20
  • 54, Aritz Bagües, 37:41
  • 65, Xabier Zabalo, 54:06
  • 86, Jon Aberasturi, 1:19:27
  • 94, Carlos Barbero, 1:25:21
  • 116, Igor Merino, 1:52:49
  • 117, Illart Zuazubiskar, 1:56:11
  • 119, Aritz Etxebarria, 2:08:12


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