Monday, September 23, 2013

Caja Rural best Naturgas in Lehendakari finale

Jaime Rosón of Caja Rural was Sunday crowned overall Torneo Lehendakari champion of 2013, overturning a one-point deficit on Naturgas Energía's Alain González in the competition's final race in Zaldibia.

The 20-year-old from Zamora, signed from Ávila-Smileekers last winter, got within touching distance of González's lead on Saturday by winning in Oñati.

With only one point separating the pair going into the last race, it was all set for a duel between the two teams in Sunday's decider.

The deciding moment came on the Gaintza climb topping out 5,8 clicks from the finish line. Rosón and team-mates Miguel Ángel Benito and Antonio Molina, Beñat Txoperena (Gipuzkoa-Eki Sport) and Rafael Márquez (Lizarte) got a gap on the rest, with González being forced to give chase.

Márquez eventually came out tops in the race by besting Benito, Molina and Rosón in the sprint, but the green powerhouse team could still raise their arms in celebration, knowing González had been distanced by close to a minute.

The Naturgas Energía prodigy eventually had to make do with 10th on the day, losing the overall in the last race.

Results, III Zaldibia Sari Nagusia:
  1. Rafael Márquez (Lizarte), 2:36:02
  2. Miguel Ángel Benito (Caja Rural), s.t.
  3. Antonio Molina (Caja Rural), s.t.
  4. Jaime Rosón (Caja Rural), s.t.
  5. Beñat Txoperena (Gipuzkoa-Eki Sport), 0:02
  6. Alex Aramburu (Ordiziako), 0:24
  7. Raul Martínez (Lizarte), 0:36
  8. Jorge Arcas (Lizarte), s.t.
  9. Ibai Daboz (Gipuzkoa-Eki Sport), 0:58
  10. Alain González (Naturgas Energía), s.t.


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