Friday, September 13, 2013

Sánchez shows up on home roads

Samuel Sánchez claimed a creditable fourth place on the 19th stage of the Vuelta a España on Friday.

The stage, ending atop the famed Naranco climb close to Sánchez's home city of Oviedo in Asturias, was ideally suited to pocket rocket Joaquim Rodríguez, and the Katusha leader delivered and then some by cantering to the win.

No one was able to get even remotely close to grabbing hold of his wheel, but 'Samu' paid homage to his friends and family lining the roadside by launching a powerful attack inside the last click. For a while he looked a good bet for second on the stage, but he was eventually passe by both Diego Ulissi and Daniel Moreno, meaning he had to make do with fourth on the day.

Not much changed on GC. Heading into the last decisive stage on Saturday, the Euskaltel leader occupies ninth overall.

  • (1, Joaquim Rodríguez (Katusha), 4:16:13)
  • 4, Samuel Sánchez, 0:11
  • 14, Mikel Nieve, 0:41
  • 17, Egoi Martínez, 0:51
  • 28, Gorka Verdugo, 1:29
  • 33, Mikel Landa, 1:57
  • 48, Juan José Oroz, 4:19
  • 66, Jorge Azanza, 9:31
  • 69, Igor Antón, s.t.
  • 143, Pablo Urtasun, 21:10
Photo: BCPT


Anonymous said...

I think he's well capable of obtaining at least 7th Position as pinot and koenig seem to suffer heavily in the past few days.

But once again the tactics of the squad are beyond me. It's their last vuelta as a team! Why neither landa, Anton or nieve haven't hit the breaks so far????

Josh Buehner said...

All out on Angliru. Samu sets up Igor ftw in the process launches himself to 7th overall.

That climb just has Igor's name written all over it, plus he did well in 2011.

Michael said...

Igor saved power to attack tomorrow. It will be an incredible stage, I hope...

azanca02 said...

I agree. It is all about tomorrow.

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